From automobile body shops to large industrial facilities, a broad range of businesses employ finishing systems in their manufacturing process or production lines. Whether cleaning, sanding or preparing parts for additional treatment or painting, polishing or sealing the final product, surface finishing is an essential process in many industries. It’s just as essential to eliminate the contaminants generated by finishing systems, both for the health of your workforce and the success of your business. At Envirosystems Group, our AirWall dust collection products ensure that the dust, by-products and contaminants produce by your finishing systems are captured and controlled.

Industrial Dust Collection Systems

With an international customer base and decades of experience in the surface treating and air filtration industries, Envirosystems Group has a proven track record for providing dust collection solutions for finishing systems. We’ve designed and built industrial dust collectors to manage airborne particles produced by surface finishing for a wide array of applications, including composite sanding or grinding, fiberglass repair, powder coating and abrasive blasting. We have a wide array of turnkey products available, and we offer custom-designed dust collection systems too.

Innovative AirWall Dust Collectors

Envirosystems Group AirWall dust collectors are self-contained systems that operate without ductwork and occupy a small footprint. Their modular design makes them adaptable to your changing needs, and their low-horsepower operation means you won’t spend a bundle on operating costs. At the heart of the system are powerful self-cleaning cartridge filters that capture 99.99 percent of all particulates smaller than 0.5 micron. Once the air is cleaned of contaminants, it’s recycled into your facility, resulting in heating or cooling energy savings.

Dust Collector Health Benefits

When finishing processes are part and parcel of your manufacturing process, you need a dust collection system that you can count on to maintain a healthy and clean environment in your shop or facility. The harmful health effects of exposure to contaminants generated in surface finishing include short-term symptoms like headaches, eye irritation, nasal congestion and infections. Long-term exposure to indoor pollutants has been linked to chronic respiratory and cardiovascular diseases. AirWall dust collectors help keep your employees healthy and productive, and they help protect your business from higher insurance rates, workers’ compensation claims and lawsuits.

Quality Control for Your Finishing Systems

A dusty shop or facility makes it more difficult to control the quality of your product. Contaminants can settle in hard-to-reach areas or damage the surface. Poor visibility caused by airborne dust and debris not only slows down your workforce but also makes it challenging to apply finishes properly. Particulates can be drawn into critical parts, tools and equipment as well, shortening their service life and leading to costly repairs and replacements.