Due to the requirements and need for safe, clean work environments across many industries throughout the United States, the need for effective and efficient environmental equipment is a top priority for many companies to be successful. With Envirosystems Group, we can design, build and service industrial environmental equipment including dust collection systems, blast equipment and finishing/paint booths; with over 45 years of experience, we are your experts in supplying the right system for your industry need and application.

Dust Collectors

Envirosystems Group provides industrial dust collectors designed to capture and control airborne contaminants created during the manufacturing process. We provide AirWall dust collection systems that are 99.99% efficient; they even exceed all local and national guidelines for clean air filtration systems. The Airwall dust collection systems we provide are designed to operate without the expense of elaborate ductwork being installed. With the innovative dust collection system, Envirosystems Group can design, build, install and service a dust collector specific to your industry and facility needs. Dust Collectors with Booths

Due to the type of product, material or application, Envirosystems Group can cater to individual dust collection system needs. With our industrial dust collectors with booths by AirWall, we can provide clean air filtration system work station units which are a self-contained, stand-alone work stations with an integrated booth and one or multiple dust collection units. The AirWall Contamination Control Booth systems designed and installed by Envirosystems Group are designed to isolate and control noise, dust, fumes and other pollutants that would normally be dispersed into the air. We can provide your facility with an AirWall Contamination Control Booth system that will remove 99.9% of airborne sub-micron particulates so your facility can exceed the OSHA and EPA regulations to stay ahead in your industry.

Blasting Equipment

With the StripMaster blast equipment provided by Envirosystems Group, your company can eliminate the need for costly and dangerous chemicals and will no longer have the need for damaging mechanical abrasion methods during your production process. Our dry media blasting systems offer you a turnkey media blast system for standard automotive and other blasting applications which consist of a complete set of components. The StripMaster dry media blasting equipment provided by Envirosystems Group can be custom designed for automobile shops, chemical plants, airlines, and any other industry that requires the removal of surface coatings without mechanical abrasives. We offer flexible applications to the fit the allocated space and needs of your company and facility.

Downdraft Tables

The Envirosystems Group can meet any dust collection need. With our downdraft tables, we can design a unique, quick-connecting dust collection system to fit the exact size and specifications of the allotted space and application needed. The flexibility of a downdraft table dust collector can be used as a downdraft tale or a stand-alone dust collection station. No matter the application or need, Evirosystems Group can design a downdraft dust collector table system to fit your production needs and demands.

With top of the line dust collection systems and options by AirWall and media blasting equipment by StripMaster and the best service, performance, value and standard 10 year equipment warranty, Envirosystems Group has your environmental equipment needs met from design to installation to service.