Industrial Dust Collectors - AirWall Dust Collection SystemsWhen you buy your dust collector from us the benefits include:

  • No Hidden Add-Ons: Our Units come standard with fans, filters, motors, starters and digital photohelic guage
  • True CFM Rating: Read the fine print of the “big companies units” They rate their CFM(airflow) based on CLEAN filters. Envirosystems Group rates our units on DIRTY filters when they are ready to pulse. This way you get the airflow you paid for 100% of the time.
  • Energy Savings: The AirWalls operate on the lowest hp fans per CFM on the market. This gives you a large savings in energy cost to run the units and a fast Return on your investment.
  • Price Guarantee: We guarantee our prices to be the most competitive in the market for comparable systems.
  • Purchase Protection: If not satisfied, Envirosystems Group will buy your system back.
  • Warranty: We warranty our equipment for 10 years on New and 1 year on Used systems.
  • Financing: Ask us about finance options available.

Industrial Dust Collectors

Clean Air Filtration System Benefits

Envirosystems dust collection solutions offer you the best value and cost savings advantages available. Our AirWall dust collector are designed to capture and control airborne contaminants. In fact, AirWall dust collectors are 99.999% efficient and exceed all local and national guidelines for clean air filtration systems. This makes it easy for you to maintain you production without the risk of personal injury from harmful airborne contaminants.

AirWall© Dust Collection Equipment has been designed for the capture and control of airborne contaminants, and creates a cleaner, safer, healthier work environment, exceeding EPA and OSHA standards for clean air. It protects the work force and the business!

Envirosystems can provide an AirWall© system for virtually any location and for any business with an airborne contamination problem.

Service, Performance, Value and a 10 Year Warranty on all of our Equipment comes standard

airwall-dust-collectorAirwall Cartridge Dust Collectors

Envirosystems Group supplies AirWall cartridge filter dust collector units with a small footprint. The AirWall works off of compressed air to automatically clean the cartridge filters contained within the dust collector unit. The AirWall LD, MD and HD Series come in a variety of CFM airflow velocities ranging from 4,000CFM – over 1 million CFM. The AirWall units do not require ductwork, operate with low horse power fans, come in a wide variety of sizes, handles any size room, booth or building. ESG can also install your AirWall unit complete with fan, filters, motor, starter, and a digital photohelic gauge.

Why AirWall Industrial Dust Collectors?

When you call Envirosystems Group you will talk to a real person who can help with your specific dust collection needs. Our equipment is hand built in the USA, we have fast lead times, we can handle the installation of your equipment, and our customer service is the best in the business.

Why AirWall Dust Collectors by Envirosystems Group are the best dust collector solutions on the market:

  • Versatility – The AirWall comes in various CFM’s (airflows) to handle any size room or booth. Alone or grouped together the AirWall can achieve any airflow required
  • Design – The AirWall is built to fit into spaces that require a small footprint saving valuable floor space
  • Flexibility – We build our booths and dust collection systems to suit your needs
  • No Ductwork Required – This saves money, time, and cost. No need for building penetrations for ducting
  • Cost – All dust collectors are not the same. Our units operate on the lowest horsepower to CFM ratio on the market which equals a substantial savings on electricity
  • Dependability – If you need equipment you can rely on, the AirWall is there 24/7
  • Warranty – We offer the only 10 year warranty in the industry
  • Service – From the moment you call us you will be treated like our only customer, with fast response time to your needs

1. No Ductwork Required-the AirWall filters the dirty air and exhausts clean air back into your building.
2. Low HP Fans – the AirWall achieves high CFM(airflow rates) via the lowest hp fans in the industry allowing the business bottom line savings on electricity costs.
3. State of the art Pulse Cleaning System – With our pulse cleaning system the AirWall is able to extend the life of the filters saving money on filter replacement costs.
4. True CFM Rating – With the AirWall you get what you pay for. Always ask what the CFM rating is once the filters are seasoned (dirty) and you will see that the big companies rate their units with clean filters. We rate ours based on the true airflow when the filters are full and the unit is ready to pulse.
5. Construction – We build the AirWall to handle tough environments. The AirWall has internal tubular frame construction vs. competitors sheet metal only construction. The AirWall also has forklift points built right in allowing for ease of movement.
6. No Hidden Add-Ons – With the AirWall your cost includes everything, the competition does not.
7. ROI – Healthier Work Environment, Improves Productivity and safety, Cleaner Workplace, Less Employee Turnover, Reduces Maintenance on Surrounding Equipment.


The AirWall has a variety of available options and can be modified to suit your exact requirements. IF you require a certain change, chances are we can make it happen, just ask.
1. Stands
2. Casters (Wheels)
3. Skid Mounting
4. Dust Conveying
5. Application Filter Options


Download AirWall LD, MD and HD Series Specifications