NTEK Hybrid Spot Cooling by NETAirTM

NETAir revolutionizes the ability to enhance indoor environments by incorporating a
hyper-efficient hybrid evaporative cooling system into an innovative “green” technology

NETAir’s unique hybrid evaporative cooling system significantly reduces energy consumption
and water usage when compared to traditional cooling units.

Due to the unique design of the NTEK Hybrid cooling unit, annual maintenance costs can be
significantly reduced relative to the costs of maintaining a traditional evaporative cooler or
A/C unit.


The NETAir patent-pending nanoevaporative technology is a unique hybrid evaporative cooling unit that features:
• Energy savings of 20% to 75%
• Effective in low and high humidity
• Low humidity output
• Utilizes significantly less water than
other evaporative units
• Easy to maintain
• Reduction in carbon footprint
• Is scalable

NTEK Hybrid Cooling System Specifications:
• Dimensions: 26”H X 25”W X 48”L
• Water reservoir: 10 gallons
• Energy Use: 4 Amps in operational mode
with a max of 7 Amps at start-up.
• Variable Speed Fan: 863 CFM
• Mini water-cooled A/C unit: 5,000 to
12,000 BTU
• On-board air filtration and water
• Available as a portable unit with 8”
swivel wheels

NETAir’s NTEK Hybrid Cooling System revolutionizes the ability to enhance indoor environments through a unique and proprietary hybrid evaporative process.

The NTEK Hybrid Cooling System marries the cooling capability of traditional A/C with the cost savings of an evaporative cooling system. The NTEK Hybrid is capable of cooling, heating, and humidifying indoor environments. It is a highly efficient unit and operates on less then 7 Amps at peak energy usage.

NTEK Hybrid Cooling units do not require outside venting and in higher humidity environments, NTEK Hybrid units have the ability to produce potable water.

A NTEK Hybrid unit can enhance the performance of a standard A/C system. A 2-ton HVAC system will draw an average of 28 Amps of energy. By placing an NTEK Hybrid Cooling System inline with an A/C system, the amount of time the condenser needs to operate will be reduced along with a reduced energy draw.

As a substitute for areas where A/C cooling is unavailable, and NTEK Hybrid cooler can act as a 1-ton cooling system and operate on only 4 Amps, a savings of over 75%.

The NTEK Hybrid system is comprised of a proprietary ceramic matrix material (Ceramatrix), a mini A/C booster unit, and a variable speed fan. The NTEK Hybrid operates on 110V and is capable of operating through the use of alternative energy such as solar or generator power.

If necessary, the NTEK Hybrid is capable of operating as an evaporative chiller only. By simply turning off the onboard A/C unit, the cooling plates will provide ventilation and cooling similar to an evaporative system.

The NTEK Hybrid is also available with an ATMOS air-purification system – NTEK Hybrid+.