Having an industrial dust collection system in your manufacturing facility or plant is key to protecting your product, your company and your employees. The first step to this is the dust collector installation, which can be a significant expense on its own, but there are steps that follow to make your dust collection system safe and secure. From choosing the best system to having it installed to maintenance and service, the purpose of the dust collector is to maintain a work environment that is safe, and you should never cut corners in the process.

Whether you have an older dust collection system or have a newer AirWall dust collector professionally designed, installed and maintained by Envirosystems Group, the following are some important tips to help make your dust collection system safe in your facility or plant.

  • Choosing an industrial dust collector for your facility – If you are searching to replace or upgrade your existing system, it is important to choose a dust collection system that is heavy-duty and has a high pressure rating and meet OSHA and EPA regulations within your industry.
  • Remember to remove dust from the hopper – It is important to frequently empty out and clean the dust from the dust collection storage hopper. Doing so will reduce systems clogs and allow the pulse-cleaning system is working properly and at its optimal level.
  • Always refer to safety and ease for changing the filter – Make sure the filters are positioned so they are easy to access and can be easily removed and put back into place. When an employee has to pull out the dirty filter cartridge, which can be very heavy, from up high or above their head, it could result in bodily injuries; it can also cause a big mess if it isn’t able to be removed and handled easily.
  • Consider upgrading to filters with long-life use – Using longer life filters will reduce the frequency of changing them out; they also reduce employee dust exposure and save your company on disposal costs, and they are better for the environment by minimizing landfill impact.
  • Evaluate fire safety and prevention – Items such as fire sprinklers, spark arrestors, perforated screens, and filter media that is flame-resistant will help in preventing fires and increase the overall safety of your facility.
  • Review your facilities need for additional safety equipment – Lock-out doors, also known as tag-out doors, help prevent injuries that could be caused by doors being inadvertently opened during a pulse cleaning cycle as well as dangerous dust exposure. A BIBO containment system (bag-in/bag-out) might be necessary to confine employees from the used filters while they are being changed out. To avoid slip and fall injuries of your workers while they are servicing the dust collector, look into railed safety platforms and caged ladders that are compliant with OSHA.

From efficiency to safety to compliance, no matter the type, brand or size dust collection system in your facility, Envirosystems Group has answers to your questions and concerns. We are experts that can provide you with dust collection upgrade and safety equipment, service or an installation quote.