Whether used to smooth, roughen or shape a surface or to remove surface contaminants or coatings, blast equipment is a necessary tool in many manufacturing processes and industrial applications. Media blasting equipment works by shooting a pressurized stream of material, collectively known as media, against a surface. The methods employed to propel the media vary, as do the types of media, technologies and machines used in the process. At Envirosystems Group, we offer state-of-the-art turnkey media blast equipment systems as well as custom-designed dry media blasting solutions.

Types of Media Blast Equipment

Although wet blasting machinery is still used for applications like cleaning electrical components, dry media blast equipment is the most common type of blasting machinery used today. While the primary purpose of any type of blasting equipment is to get the job done without damaging your product, the type of media used has a huge impact on the result. Our StripMaster series is adaptable to a broad array of blast media, including wheat starch, plastic, steel grit and aluminum oxide, ensuring that coatings and contaminants are removed safely and efficiently. They’re ideal for any industry that requires the removal of surface coatings like latex, polyester resin, paint, enamel and phosphates.

Turnkey Dry Media Blasting Systems

As a leader in the surface treating and dust collection industries, Envirosystems Group is uniquely equipped to offer turnkey blast systems that include a complete set of components, including a custom-built dust collector with blasting booth, dry media blasting equipment, operator equipment and a plug-less reclaim system. These all-in-one packages make it easy for you to ensure that all harmful airborne pollutants and contaminants are captured in a controlled setting. With dust collection systems that filter up to 99.99 percent of particulates larger than 0.5 micron, our turnkey blast systems allow you to comply with governmental health and safety standards while improving the indoor air quality for your workforce.

Cost-Effective Media Blasting Solutions

At Envirosystems Group, our StripMaster media blasting equipmentis engineered for energy efficiency, saving you money on operating, maintenance and cleaning costs. Powered by a low 50-HP compressor, our systems can reduce your energy expenses by as much as 50 percent. Additional savings are achieved by eliminating your need to use expensive chemical solvents or damaging abrasion methods that increase your production costs. Our systems lower the liability issues associated with using harmful chemicals while increasing the productivity of your workforce and reducing work stoppages.

StripMaster modular blasting systems install quickly, take up minimal space and adapt easily to your changing media blasting needs. Whether it’s a turnkey blast system for an automobile body shop or a customized system for a large manufacturing plant, our broad experience in the field ensures you’ll find a solution best for you and your industry. Envirosystems Group is the industry expert that companies like Boeing and DOW rely on us to meet their dry media blasting needs. Backed by a 10-year limited warranty, our StripMaster products offer you a solution that you can depend on for long-lasting performance.